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Company Profile

Derar Al Saraireh and Sons Co . for Engineering and Contracting , was established in 1988 , and still operational in the implementation of construction works of much of the public and governmental buildings , that ranged between educational buildings ( schools and universities ) , housing constructions , hospitals , courts and ministries , border crossing centers and departments . and all were completed with high work quality and during the agreed contract term of each . 
However , our company in one of the pioneering companies in the construction of buildings in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , and classified with the Department of Governmental Tenders in the following categories : 
- First grade in buildings construction
- First grade in electomechanical works

Who We Are: About
Construction Project


Achieving the highest credibility and commitment in the implementation of our works , and in dealing with all our partners whether stakeholders or employees , and suppliers , in order to firmly advance and develop our works , and with higher growth rate .

Who We Are: Mission


What We Aim For

The implementation pioneering projects that would serve different vital sectors and reflects the highest global quality specs , and also , we aspire to expand our company on local and regional levels .

Who We Are: Mission


To have our obligation optimally fulfilled , we have appointed one of the best qualified technical staff , as distinguished 
engineers with varied expertise in different fields are employed . furthermore , we have on hand a large number of effective associates , a legion of technicians and skilled workers . in the implementation of our projects we cooperate with the best suppliers and professionals in various fields to ensure the perfection of our high-end projects . 
we also have communication with many international and domestic manufacturers to ensure that we always got the right and fitting materials and services for shorter duration of work . in the meantime , we have over 500 employees as administrators , technicians and workers . 
in the sake of the speed and quality 
of our projects , we have acquired the majority of the machinery and equipments needed , without regard of what the cost might be , and indeed , the company assets of different machinary and equipments are worth more than three million jordanian Dinars . And when in need of specialised equipment or machinery , we have many suppliers on the call ready to supply any machine or equipment we require .

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Who We Are: History
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